Rena intimacy directed the
CENTERStage production of
RENT  at the CENTER for
Performing Arts at Rhinebeck


"I can't say enough about Rena's calm and supportive energy during our time working together. For the first time in my thirty years in the theatre, I felt certain there was someone behind the table advocating for my physical and emotional safety, and making sure that I was freely giving my consent with regard to what was being asked of me.

From the beginning of the production process, Rena supported the cast and production team with both questions and answers. She took the time to educate the entire group with regard to the language of and reasoning behind intimacy work. Rena also followed up if an actor changed, adjusted, or grew with regard to their boundaries to make sure she fully understood their perspective.

As an actor with intersectional identities, I appreciated Rena's thoughtful use of language. It was evident that she had done significant work in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Intimacy work is the future of theatre, and having a choreographer or director like Rena who is well-versed in this kind of work creates a safe environment for actors to do their best storytelling work."

Jasmin, Joanne in Rent

"Rena Gavigan is such a wonderful and professional spirit to work with. She is competent and confident in her practice and knowledge base and delivered as the Intimacy Director on The Center's production of "RENT!". Thanks to Rena my first experience with an Intimacy Director was a thoughtful and meaningful one." 

Talent, Collins in Rent

“Having Rena on staff during our production was even more valuable than I could have imagined. She set a tone for our cast and crew and infused her wisdom, calm, and positivity throughout the process. She became a safe haven for both actors and crew alike. If possible with Rena’s schedule, I will never do another production without hiring her as part of the team.”

Tamara, Rent Director

“Onstage intimacy, especially at the community-theatre level, can be a bizarre experience, fraught with emotional awkwardness and interpersonal anxiety. But those of us who have worked with Rena Gavigan, listening to her instructions and learning from her wisdom, patience, and experience, can approach these intimate scenes with confidence and clarity. Whenever Rena is attached to a show, everyone knows that they’re in safe hands.”

David, Governor John Slaton in Parade